Language Simulations

Speak English & French faster
Lifelike practice simulations

  • Personalized Learning Paths
  • Overcoming Language Barriers
  • Smart AI Virtual Humans as Coaches

Contextual language learning

  • Enjoy your personalized pace
  • Reduce speaking anxiety
  • Develop language confidence
  • Convenient learning
  • Improve with Feedback and performance analytics
  • Choose from hundreds of different conversations
  • Learn faster with contextual conversations
  • Experience faster learning with experiential simulations
  • Practice unscripted conversations
  • Builds on the scripted learning in Duolingo and similar apps  

Practice Builds Confidence

Language learning practice simulations can help reduce anxiety and stress, while boosting confidence.

Enhanced Levels of Engagement

Immersive learning amplifies language learning through reduced distractions and heightened focus.

Safe & Convenient

Learners virtually refine their critical conversation skills at their own convenience and pace.

Safe and convenient language practice helps you become a confident speaker sooner.


Experiences are Designed to be Repeatable

Practicing your speaking skills is challenging as a language leaner.  It can be embarrassing to speak to other people, and you don't often get quality feedback on your abilities.     

LincLingo hundreds of repeatable practice sessions - a completely fresh approach to practicing language skills. 

Practice with Virtual Humans

Using our proprietary hyper-realistic voice conversation engine, learners are able to participate in immersive free-flowing conversations with Virtual Humans, enabling learners to practice speaking and listening as they would in the real world.


Performance Analytics

As a learner you can review sessions performance.  The feedback includes:

  • metrics on multiple aspects your language language proficiency and fluency
  • covers the key learning objectives for each language level

The feedback is objective and highlights areas for improvement and growth. Your analytics can be shared with instructors, trainers or tutors if you are a part of learning programs.

Practice Speaking French

Practice speaking English

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