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An interview preparation platform that uses AI-guided simulations to help individuals excel in job interviews. It provides personalized interview experiences, job-specific preparation materials, and a vast library of interview questions tailored to various industries and job roles.  Instant feedback and personalised support is provided via our AI Coach system.  BeConfident is helping thousands of job seekers to win good jobs faster and easier than every before. 


An advanced language learning platform that offers immersive and interactive language learning experiences. Learners engage in real-life conversations with virtual language partners, practicing their language skills in a natural and supportive environment. LincLingo adapts to each learner's proficiency level, providing tailored lessons and exercises to enhance language fluency.


A powerful language learning platform that utilizes AI to facilitate effective and engaging technical and workplace specific language acquisition.  AceLingo can be customised to suit your workplace conversation needs. This might include practicing conversations with managers as they deliver technical work orders, problem solving with co-workers or soft skill communications. It offers personalized learning experiences tailored to individual needs and proficiency levels. 


ArgoLingo is revolutionizes language learning and communication skills practice. With advanced AI Virtual Humans and customized simulations, ArgoLingo provides convenient and engaging language practice sessions for English and French learners. It offers low-anxiety practice environments, instant feedback, and detailed performance analytics, helping learners develop fluency and confidence in their language proficiency goals.

Immersive Health

A groundbreaking solution that revolutionizes medical training by integrating communication into practice simulations that can be delivered via VR or WebXR (computers) Fully customisable to train for any medical and healthcare training. We creates realistic learning environments where trainees can engage in context-driven scenarios, practice clinical procedures, communication skills, and critical decision-making. Immersive Healthcare provides objective performance assessments and offers scalability and self-directed learning options.

Virtual Humans

Virtro's Virtual Humans are AI-powered avatars that simulate human conversations and behaviors. They engage in dynamic and interactive dialogues, responding contextually and offering personalized interactions. Virtual Humans are used for training, education, customer service, and various other applications, providing a safe environment for practicing communication skills and decision-making.