AI Virtual Human Coaches

  • Practice Simulations with Smart AI Virtual Human Technology & Performance Analytics enable your team to learn faster and benefit from a higher skill retention rate.
  • Contextual learning experiences with higher engagement value ensure accelerated skill acquisition.
  • VR and WebXR platforms deliver immersive and experiential learning, increasing retention rates.

Engage with Virtual Humans

  • Our AI Virtual Humans trainers create a safe and convenient space for learners to practice and enhance their communication skills.
  • Significantly higher engagement with Virtual Humans leads to enhanced learning outcomes.
  • Hyper-realistic voice-driven Conversational AI Simulations ensure interactive and personalized learning experiences.

Immersive and Interactive Simulations deliver


more confident to act on what they learned after training


faster to train compared to classroom training

3.75 X

more connected to the content than classroom learners


more focused than classroom


Source: PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers)

Experience Contextual Learning

  • Practice Simulations offer purpose-built simulations that amplify engagement and learning outcomes.
  • Contextual 3D environments with Virtual co-workers, managers, or coaches provide highly engaging learning experiences.
  • Our human-centered design approach collaborates with your instructional design team to meet your training objectives effectively.

Evidence of Competency

  • Competency-based assessment analytics provide detailed performance metrics, highlighting learners' skills.
  • Comprehensive metrics and analytics empower both learners and teachers to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

Increase Learner Competency

AI Practice Simulations



Traditional Learning



Source: The Learning Pyramid

Benefits of Immersive Learning

  • Reduce training costs by eliminating travel, equipment, and facility expenses.
  • Increase retention with improved information retention through immersive learning.
  • Remote training allows flexibility and reduces logistical challenges.

The Virtro Advantage

  • Exponential learner engagement through immersive Contextual Simulations with AI Virtual Humans.
  • Fully scalable and easy to deploy solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Practice Simulations deliver problem-solving constructs and higher cognitive engagement.
  • Collaborative partnership with your team to design metrics and analytics that assess core competencies.
  • The Learning Pyramid demonstrates significantly higher retention rates with Practice Simulations compared to traditional training methods.

Experience the Next Level of Learning with Virtro

Are you ready to revolutionize your training initiatives? Virtro's Practice Simulations with Smart AI Virtual Human Technology & Performance Analytics offer a powerful solution to transform your team's learning experience.

From accelerated learning and enhanced engagement to evidence of competency and cost savings, our immersive learning solutions have a profound impact on training outcomes.