VR, AR & AI Innovators 

 Leaders in XR development

Virtro Entertainment is at the forefront of AI & XR (VR, AR and MR) innovation, utilising leading-edge technologies to create ground-breaking experiences for our clients and our projects. We bring deep technology knowledge and experience plus a strong customer-centric focus to our valued innovation partnerships. We are at your service to jump on board during ideation and design or as your outsourced development and deployment team.

A magical mix of industry use cases

We create experiences for the health-ed, ed tech and entertainment industries and bring creative ideas to life through the process of research and development, rapid prototyping and commercialization.


Combining VR & AI for immersive, personalized language learning

Education Technology

VR & AR is poised to disrupt education. 

Games & Experiences

Making immersive (VR) and augmented 
(AR) gameplay

VR/AR Training

Work-ready training in VR & AR 
to meet industry demand.

Health Technology

The health industry is benefitting
 from VR & AR 

Client Services

Bringing client ideas to life 
in VR & AR 

The cutting-edge technology

Virtual Reality (VR)

We can help bring your projects to life with our highly productive VR team. We have demonstrated skills creating innovative immersive experiences and we would like to help you make your project a success.   

We can help you developing and deploying projects across all mainstream VR technology including solutions for: Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Playstation VR (PSVR), Samsung Gear, Windows Mixed Reality (Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, HP, Dell, Asus) & Google Cardboard.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Do you have some ideas on how  Augmented Reality can help to bring down your training costs or increase your sales?  

We would value the opportunity to discuss these with you and offer our industry experience to the mix.  We have developed and deployed a AR applications to Apple apps and Google Play stores.

Our Services

Virtual Reality 
Bring your virtual reality idea to your audience. Partner with a professional, efficient team to get your VR project published.
Augmented Reality
Showcase your ideas through Augmented Reality. Partner with Virtro to design, develop and publish your AR app.
Port Games to VR
Port video games from PC, Xbox or PS to VR. We will partner with your team or take on the complete project.
VR Marketing 
Engage your audiences through immersive VR games and experiences.
VR Simulators 
Teach, train or prototype with VR simulations
VR Training Apps
VR Training apps to increases student retention.
VR Experiences
VR or AR experience sessions at your office or event.
Do you need expertise to review or manage a project? VR, AR,MR, Hololens, Windows Mixed Reality.
No Horizon VR Oculus Go Samsung Gear
VR for Hospital Use
Games & Experiences specifically designed for hospital usage. 
Speaking, Presenting & Panel Participant
Speaking on VR/AR
Jordan and Lee are available to speak at events & present on VR/AR topics, plus workplace diversity and inclusion topics.
Prototyping & UX
Do you need a prototype for investors or UX testing? We can help with design to prototypes ad UX evaluation.
360 VR Images
360 Images
Give your customers a new 360 view of your product. Our state of the art rendering and stitching will give you the best final product. 
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