About Us

Revolutionizing Training &
Enhancing the Learning Experience

Welcome to Virtro, your partner in cultivating a competent and confident workforce. We're a visionary company dedicated to empowering organizations with the tools to train smarter, faster, and more effectively than ever before.

The Future of Learning

Our founders were captivated by the untapped potential of combining Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice technologies with the immersive experiences offered by Virtual Reality and extended reality.

They envisioned a future where these emerging technologies could revolutionize the learning and development landscape, particularly in the realms of education and language learning.

Pioneer in Innovation

Today, Virtro stands as a pioneer in the space of AI-powered Virtual Human technology. We've engineered a platform that fosters open, conversational dialogues between learners and AI Virtual Humans, fostering deep engagement and facilitating contextual learning.

Our sophisticated performance analytics provide clear insights into the learner's progress, competency, and areas for improvement.

Fully Scalable Rapid upskilling

Our proprietary platform allows for the rapid, scalable development of immersive training simulations that cater to a diverse range of needs. We've aided job seekers in honing their interview skills, professionals in mastering technical communication skills, newcomers to speak fluent English and healthcare workers in clinical skills.   

We continue to partner with companies, organisations and governments who are developing future-ready workers for industry today. 

Skill the Workforce for the Future, Today

At Virtro, we're committed to a future where immersive learning is the norm, not the exception. We champion diversity and inclusivity, and actively support initiatives that foster social equality.

We're excited about the role we're playing in shaping the future of learning, and we'd love for you to be part of this journey. If you're a Learning and Development professional looking to accelerate learning, boost retention, and deliver tangible results, let's explore how Virtro's innovative solutions can drive your success.

Together, let's redefine learning and development.
Join us in creating immersive learning experiences that will shape the leaders of tomorrow.