Virtual Humans

Artificially intelligent characters created for immersive training applications.

  • Immersive Realism
  • Contextual Learning
  • AI Simulations & Analytics

Your coach, companion, or guide through learning experiences.

Think of Virtual Humans as a friend that you can speak with, learn from, or even have as a guide in a learning simulation.

Not to be mistaken for a chatbot,

Virtual Humans use the next generation of smart artificial intelligence. Our technology allows 3D characters to have a conversation with learners about trained subjects.

Virtual Humans understand the context of our sentences and can provide a response accordingly.

Virtual Humans enhance our lives through conversation.

Why Virtual Humans?

Cost Effective Alternative

Virtual Humans are available 24/7 and cost far less than human trainers. Training is scalable and can be done remotely.

Consistent Training & Delivery

Each training consistently delivers the same learning objectives and information, ensuring that learners learn from best practices.

Increase Confidence

Repeated practice reduces fear and anxiety which boosts learner confidence and competency.

Available Anytime & Anywhere

Training is available anywhere on demand — connect through a VR headset or computer and start training!

Trained Experts on Specific Topics

Virtual Humans are programmed and trained to deliver conversations around specific topics, making them particularly useful in training simulations.

In simulations, they can act as an virtual instructor to answer the learner's questions or guide them through the learning material.


90% Information Retention through Action-Learning

According to Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience, action-learning techniques result in up to 90% retention compared to 10% retention when learners simply read.

Learners are able to retain information at a higher rate when they are exposed to action-learning techniques which are sensory-based.  This means that the more sensory channels possible while interacting with a resource, the better chance that students will learn from it. This is why it’s important that instructors deliver activities that build upon more real-life experiences such as simulations.

Explore the Use Cases for Virtual Humans

Job Interview Simulations

Healthcare Practice Simulations

Language Practice Simulations

Press & Media Simulations

Performance Review Simulations

Custom Training Simulations

Customer Service Simulations

Trades & Manufacturing Simulations

Digital Twin Technology

Delivered in an Immersive Environment

Virtual Human characters are deployed in all of our Virtual Reality or WebXR training applications. This immersive and interactive environment enhances focus and further improves retention.

Training simulations are available remotely and learners can undertake training at their own convenience.