Diversity & Inclusion

Virtro is a unique inclusive team of people
committed to social impact.

  • Diverse Collaborative Dynamics
  • Empowering Creative Expression
  • Shared Ownership of Impact

50% Female Developers

50% Newcomers

Visible Minorities

How Diversity looks at Virtro

We  strive to be respectful and inclusive of all people.

Virtro is an innovation driven tech company.  Focused on solving huge challenges in language and learning through the use of advanced AI and immersive VR technology.

  • We are Female-led socially conscious organization
  • We believe in Diversity and Inclusion
  • Our team of 50+ people developing amazing technology that empowers people
  • 50% developers and tech professionals are female
  • Our team welcomes and is inclusive of diversity.  We enjoy the company of newcomers, LGBT+, neurodiversity and mid-career change team members.
  • We always strive to be inclusive and respectful of all team members


Diversity is in our DNA

From inception in 2016, Virtro has focused on being diverse and inclusive.

´╗┐We actively showcase the value of diversity by hiring 50% female developers and choosing to hire from many heritages, cultures and being welcoming and inclusive of minorities.

Enrichment through Diversity

Diversity delivers the opportunity to learn, grow and be bigger than the sum of each individual on the team.  Our unique blend of so much diversity empowers us all to be creative in a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.  We are a team that strives to be better and do better.

"Our commitment to diversity is and will always be what drives Virtro. 
It is what sets us apart and makes us so successful."

- President, Lee Brighton


Virtro's Team Heritage

Our team members come from all over the world. This map shows the countries where our teammates were born. Over 50% of the team are newcomers. 

Our workforce is located in Canada. We do not outsource to other countries.


50% Females in Tech roles

We do a few things differently. We strive to always employ 50 per cent female developers.

Virtro's support of women in tech enables the company to attract more females to both start and transition into STEM careers. Our gender diversity helps to ensure that products developed cover a range of subjects and perspectives. 


LGBTQ+ Representation

We welcome individuals from LGBTQ+, neurodiversity, 

and other minority groups to the team.

"Diversity and Inclusion will never be separated from who Virtro is."

- Chief Executive Officer, Jordan Brighton

Diversity - Smart Business Sense

Diversity is a smart business decision. The diversity of our customers is represented on our team. We leverage this superpower to grow, understand and to each be enriched by the experience.

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