Learning Language Faster

Department of National Defence Project

  • Immersive VR language programs
  • AI Virtual Humans Coaches
  • Instant Performance Metrics & Analytics

Project Summary

Virtro secured funding from the Canadian Department of National Defence via the Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) program. The project encompasses the development of three immersive language applications designed to assist armed forces personnel in refining and sustaining their proficiency in both English and French languages.

Each simulation has been meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of both English and French language learners, affirming Virtro's commitment to delivering comprehensive language training solutions.

Research Reveals: Virtual Humans Outperform Real People Teaching Career Leadership Skills

´╗┐The Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand has just concluded a study comparing Real Humans to Virtual Humans teachers and the results concluded that:

"A virtual human is as good as a real-life person when it comes to helping people practice new leadership skills".

The advantages of using Virtual Humans was amplified once the training moved in Virtual Reality leading the researchers to conclude that the combination of Virtual Humans with Virtual Reality training is the most effective to train business leaders.

Media Briefing Simulation (Prototype)

Members of the armed forces practice delivering media briefings and responding to questions from reporters.

Two modes available:

  • Staggered: Reporters ask questions back and forth as a replacement for the presentation
  • Full Presentation: Reporters will only start asking questions when your entire presentation is finished

Performance Review Simulation (Prototype)

Learners practice their listening, speaking, and comprehension skills while providing a performance review for subordinate.

This helps learners deliver effective and constructive performance evaluations that can lead to productive growth & improvement

Event Planning Simulation (Prototype)

Learners practice their second language by helping plan an event for a retiring senior official, Commander Hardy.

The learner is tasked to organize the event and recruit others to help with certain activities to ensure the event goes smoothly.