Performance Review Sims

Use AI Virtual Humans to improve your Performance Evaluation Skills

  • Comprehensive Skill Assessment
  • Data-Driven Competency Metrics
  • Evidence-Based Performance Enhancement

Comprehensive Skill Assessment

Virtro's performance evaluation simulations provide a comprehensive platform for assessing various skills.

Whether it's communication proficiency, language development, or soft skills enhancement, our simulations offer a structured environment for participants to demonstrate their abilities, enabling organizations to obtain accurate insights into individual strengths and areas for improvement.

Evidence-Based Performance Enhancement

Virtro's performance evaluation simulations offer evidence-based approaches to enhancing performance. Participants receive instant feedback on their interactions, allowing them to identify areas for growth and fine-tune their skills.

This feedback loop, grounded in data-driven insights, drives continuous improvement, resulting in more confident and competent professionals who contribute to organizational success.

Practice with Virtual Humans

During the simulation, learners conduct a performance review on Virtual Humans who have unique traits and personalities similar to people. There will be topics on the screen that the learner will address in a free-flowing conversation with the character.

Virtual Humans have an advanced conversation engine that allows them to understand dialogue and provide a relevant response accordingly.

Multiple Employee Evaluation Scenarios

Practice with various scenarios of employees, one employee could be a model performer, while another has many areas to improve.

Unparalleled Levels of Engagement

Immersive training amplifies skill adoption through reduced distractions and heightened focus. 

Confidence through Repeated Practice

Performance review simulations can help reduce anxiety and stress, while boosting confidence!

Learners have faster and increased learning retention in immersive environments.


Transcript and Audio File

Each session's dialogue between the learner and Virtual Humans are automatically recorded in an audio file and transcript. These files can also be reviewed by the learner for self-evaluation or by the manager and human resources departments.

Reviewing session performance can help the learner determine areas that require improvement.


Experiences are Designed to be Repeatable

Performance Review Simulations are designed to be repeatable and deliver a fresh emotionally connected approach to practicing conducting evaluations.

Each performance review simulation finished by the learner can be tracked throughout all training sessions as managers look for growth and improvement in communication skills.