Our Mission

Virtro is on a mission to accelerate learning by leveraging innovative AI and VR technology.

  • Safe and Empowering Practice Environments
  • Transformative Learning Experience with Comprehensive Analytics
  • Immersive Learning Redefined with VR Technology

Simulations deliver safe practice

Learners need a safe space to fail and to have the opportunity to try again.  They need to do the practice without feeling they are being judged for doing it wrong the first time or maybe being slower than others. 

Mistakes are an important part of the learning process!

Carefully crafted simulations with Virtual Human coaches transform learning opportunities. 

Learners feel empowered to practice till they are competent.  They learn at a pace that is comfortable to their needs in repeatable simulations.  Their learning is being evaluated while they learn so that they can see their progress in the student portal. 

These comprehensive metrics and analytics also empower instructors. Now they have the information they need to provide personalized help and support in areas where the student most needs help.  They can address recurring issues, encourage specific actions and commend communications skills because they have real data and analytics at their fingertips.  The time they save on watching students can be applied to providing specialized help and coaching.

Immersive Learning is Transformed

Now students can undertake the learning via classroom or e-learning and then practice at home or in the lab. Virtual Reality headsets have dropped in price and increased in performance.

No computer, no cable, it’s fast and convenient to set up and start using.  All the team, metrics and analytics is being fed back into student and teacher portals for review. 

It couldn't be easier - or more effective.

Our Virtual Human technology is revolutionizing the way people practice and learn.

Our analytics opens new objective evaluations pathways.  We are working with teams that are pushing the boundaries forward in innovative learning programs for their learners.  It's an exciting time, and we are delighted to be on this journey to accelerate learning with you.