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The Metaverse of Industry

21 Mar, 2022

The metaverse of industry is where you design simulations that test the operations and workflows of physical assets, like buildings, planes, robots or cars, and analyze how to maintain them long after creation.

The Metaverse Explained

16 Mar, 2022

Essentially, the metaverse is supposed to be a 3D version of the internet that is seen as the logical next stage of development, and would ideally be accessed through a single gateway.

Will the Metaverse Replace our need for Office buildings?

15 Mar, 2022

The modern office is insufficient; the office and the way we work needs to be reimagined for hybrid work. In-person work is becoming more virtual, and the digital world looks to the physical world as inspiration.

Research demonstrates Virtual Reality Increases Learning & Memory

03 Sep, 2021

Ground breaking research could help in memory related disorders such as Autism and Alzheimer's.

Apple Mixed Reality Headset Expected Mid-2022

07 Jul, 2021

Recently, Apple announced at WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) that it will release AR navigation for Apple Maps, an easy-to-use 3D modelling tool called Reality Kit Object Capture, and ARKit 5 with improved face tracking and motion capture. It’s clear that Apple is working hard to build an AR ecosystem. According to a

Virtro Exhibiting Training Simulation Technology at 2021 CogX Festival

08 Jun, 2021

Virtro is delighted to be guests at the CogX Festival 2021 showcasing our immersive and transformation training simulation technology.

Virtro Nominated for Global Impact CANIE Awards 2021

20 May, 2021

Virtro is a finalist for the CANIE 2021 Global Impact Award, an award that recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and social impact while scaling international markets.

Virtro Nominated for CANIE Awards 2021

17 May, 2021

Virtro is proud to be a semi-finalist for the 2021 CANIE Awards ! The CANIE Awards, is the Innovators and Entrepreneurs Foundation’s flagship program recognizing excellence in Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship. “There were more than 420 submissions for the 2021 CANIE Awards and each application we reviewed was a

Virtro Nominated for 2021 ‘The Founder'' Champion Award

07 May, 2021

Founder and CEO of Virtro Technology, Jordan Brighton, has been nominated for a 2021 ‘The Founder'' Champion Award . “The Founder'' Award celebrates a leader who has persevered in the face of adversity, to launch and grow a business. With less than 2.4% of VC funding provided to female technology entrepreneurs, this has never

Virtro Nominated for 2021 ‘The Advocate'' Champion Award

07 May, 2021

Founder and President of Virtro Technology, Lee Brighton, has been nominated for a 2021 “The Advocate” Champion Award . “The Advocate'' Award celebrates an individual or organization who uses their public platform to promote and advance women’s causes. A true visionary, Lee set about building a company that was truly

Virtro Nominated for Reimagine Awards

27 Apr, 2021

Virtro has been shortlisted for the 2021 Reimagine Awards. We are delighted to receive this prestigious nomination.

Pico Interactive Announces Neo 3 VR Headset For Enterprise

20 Apr, 2021
Pico Interactive has unveiled the first glimpse at their headset and added a few new updates to their standalone series with haptic controllers and a focus on streaming.

HTC Vive Teases New VR Headset

19 Apr, 2021

With the recent launch of VR accessories from HTC Vive and the phrase from the most recent tease “now that the accessories are out of the way”, it’s suggested that a new Vive headset could be next.

Nvidia Announces CloudXR Launch

16 Apr, 2021

Recently, Nvidia, an American multinational technology company, announced that its CloudXR tech is now available on Amazon Web Services and will soon be launched to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and Google Cloud.

Oculus Adding New Safety Feature

The Oculus Quest is adding an exciting new safety feature to its virtual reality headsets. Recently, leaked images show that Facebook is currently working on a feature that allows users to identify people and pets entering the VR play space.

Oculus Gives Sneak Peek of New Avatar System for Quest

30 Mar, 2021

Mark Rabkin, VP of Oculus, showcases an upcoming new version of Oculus’ avatar system on Quest. Rabkin joined Scott Stein in CNET’s The Quest Effect: Inside VR’s Next Chapter, where he revealed the company’s next avatar system.