AI Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation that 
Get Candidates Hired for Good Jobs

Job-Specific Interview Preparation (over 3000 job titles)

Instant Performance Feedback 

 Best Practice Answers for Rapid Improvement

Job Seekers develop skills & confidence through Practice

Job Interview Simulations deliver:

  • Real interview questions asked by hiring managers
  • Pressurized interview situations to develop confidence
  • Practice over 1500 different job interviews
  • Repeatable practice with unique interviews
  • Detailed performance analytics

Smarter Interview Practice

Job Seekers greatly benefit from being interviewed by AI Virtual Humans who conduct professional interviews and ask the same questions real hiring managers are asking in interviews. 

Practice sessions develop skills and confidence to job seekers are prepared and ready to win interviews.

Performance Analytics

Job Interview Simulations delivers a complete training solution for job seekers to improve their performance. 

Each Interview session delivers:

  • Detailed performance analytics
  • Complete interview transcripts
  • Audio interview files 

1000+ Job Interviews

Over one-thousand different interviews - entry, trades, professional, technology etc

Improve Confidence

Practice interviews help job seekers  reduce stress, develop confidence

Evaluation & Review Tools

Performance portal delivers analytics for job seeker review and to share with career advisors.

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