Healthcare Practice Simulations

Delivering Virtual Task-Based & Communication Practice Simulations

Enhancing Clinical Skills Through Immersion

Safe Exploration of Task-Based Proficiency

Elevating Critical Communication Abilities

Competency-Based Simulations

Our platform provides learners with the opportunity to practice clinical reasoning, decision making, and communication skills in an immersive environment.

Each simulation supplements theory-based training with risk-free environments to practice task-based and critical communication skills.

Interactive Virtual Humans

Virtual Humans help the healthcare workers to practice critical tasks and the important conversations they need to have with patients, staff or family members throughout their day.

These intelligent Virtual Humans can take on the role of a patient, the patient's family member, a colleague, or even a supervisor.

Risk-Free Environment

Healthcare workers can practice and apply the learned theory without endangering themselves or others.

Practice Remotely

Become competent at important procedures from anywhere, at anytime. No manikins or wasted resources such as PPE.

Evaluation & Review Tools

Assess performance and identify areas of weakness through a transcript or audio playback of the session.

Custom Simulations

We can create custom training applications if you have specific health guidelines or standards you are looking to meet.

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