Virtro Projects


Argotian is a conversational language learning app with AI characters using Natural Language Processing (NLP like Suri and Alexa) guiding the learner on  quests and missions as they learn.  Learning is amplified because we deliver this in Virtual Reality.

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VR & AR Games

Virtro has been making games for VR and AR since the popular headsets where launched in 2016. We have created an internal platform to increase development speed and efficiency in game development and distribution and have titles on all major stores: PC/Console & Mobile VR and AR games.

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Hands-on VR and AR training while gaining commercial experience building VR & AR apps.  Small personalised classes.

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Virtro Services

Virtual Reality

Bring your Virtual Reality idea to your audience.  Partner with a professional efficient team to get your VR project published. 

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Augmented Reality

Showcase your ideas through Augmented Reality.  Partner with Virtro to design, development & publish your AR app.

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Porting Games to VR

Porting video games from PC, Xbox or PS to VR.  We will partner with your team or take on the complete project. 

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VR Marketing

Engage your audience through immersive VR games and experiences.

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VR Simulator

Teach, training or prototyping with VR simulations.

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VR Training apps

VR Training apps to increases student retention.

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VR Experiences

VR or AR experience sessions at your office or event.

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Do you need our expertise to review or manage a project?  VR, AR, MR (Hololense or PC) or Blockchain.

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Blockchain & AR

We will soon be launching our first Blockchain / AR game.  Do you have an idea your need developed?

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VR for Hospital use

Games or experiences specifically designed for special purpose usage.  We have 3 games for use in the children's hospitals

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Speaking & Presenting

Jordan & Lee speaker at events, on panels & presenting on VR & AR topics plus workplace diversity and inclusion topics

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Prototyping & UX

Do you need a prototype for investors or UX testing?  We can help with design to prototypes and UX evaluation

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360 Images

Give your customers a new 360 view of your product. Virtro’s state of the art rendering and stitching to give you the best look.

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Connect with the new reality

Connect with the leading customer engagement company specializing in AR, VR & MR.

Virtro Entertainment develops training, simulations, promotional marketing, experiences and games.  

We are creative and passionate about what we do with a good strong business and marketing focus on our products and services.  

We are fast and efficient in our development and provide amazing experiences that impresses any audience.

“We will all have superpowers. Because in virtual reality you can be anyone, you can go anywhere, and you can create anything.”
Rikard Steiber, The Guardian, April 8, 2017
April 2018:
Virtro awarded Ready to Rocket Status.
Virtual Reality Development vr

Hands-on VR and AR training while gaining commercial experience and building VR & AR apps.

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