Virtual Reality for Hospital or limited mobility use

Virtual Reality

VR for Hospitals

We have modified our games to be suitable for use by people within limited or restricted mobility.

Virtual Reality is an amazing tool.  You can look around you, up and down and see things in the world around you.  The physics and gravity within the games mean that you can fly planes through space or look up at the sky and for people standing or sitting these provides a very realistic world for them to operate in.

This however, is very challenging for people who have mobility issues.  A child lying in a hospital bed cant play a game if all they see is the sky.  We have purposely adapted our games for use in situation where there is a disability affecting the mobility of the user.

We have:

  • Modified the world views to limit them to 150 degrees so that they do not require a person to be able to turn a full 360 yet they still have a rich game experience.
  • We have modified our game to recognise the position of the headset and adjust the field of view accordingly.  This is to cater for users who can either sit up at approx 45 degree or those they must play from a horizontal position. This allows users who can sit a little plus those that must remain lying down to also enjoy the games.

We believe that building inclusivity and diversity into our games aligns to our company values of being a welcoming and inclusive place to work and play.

Partner with us

Please contact us if you need a company that will develop a game or if you want to use our games with limited or restricted mobility clients.