Augmented Reality Experiences

Augmented Reality is a wonderful medium to showcase and market your products.  It is equally useful for training and simulation purposes.

Please contact us if we can be of service to your company.  See some samples following:

Virtro develops customised App for business - marketing, training, simulations

AR  Jelly Sokoban Puzzler

AR iTunes / Play


Juzzle is a VR / AR fun jelly cube puzzler.  Based on classic sokoban, Juzzle is a casual game in which the player pushes jelly cubes around the board, trying to get them to the targets.

AR Spacial Development

AR iTunes / Play


In a far-flung future, the rival factions war over resources. Warp in your troops onto hover-pads to create a line of 3, winning the match. Turn based and free-for-all matching options to suit your playstyle. Find a busy surface to anchor your game to.

AR / Multiplayer

AR Teddy Street Fighter game


​Who will be the toughest teddy in town! Tedden is a Augmented Reality fighting game. Based on a tournament style progression, the player’s teddy bear character unlocks new fighters, locations as they win fights around the neighbourhood.

Virtual Vancouver


Virtual Vancouver

Creating Memorable Experiences in Vancouver through our Virtual app lenses

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