Diversity and Inclusion are our pillars


Diversity and inclusion is just as important to us as the apps, experiences and games we make.  As a female led company, we have taken as stand to ensure we train and hire women developers and proudly report that we have achieved 50% hands-on programming by women developers. From the apps, games and experiences point of view, Virtro chooses to include diverse characters, voice actors, and stories.

We extend our inclusion to all communities and are supportive and inclusive of all gender, race, LGBTQ2 and disabilities. This is not just a policy, it is who we are and it makes for a wonderfully diverse team that we are grateful to say is extraordinarily creative, productive and extremely proud of the apps,games and experiences we make.

Meet the Team

Brighton Jordan 05Lr

Jordan Brighton

Founder & CEO

Jordan Brighton, named in B.C.'s Most Influential Women 2018, is a strong leader, talented technology expert and creative visionary

Brighton Lee 16Lr

Lee Brighton

Co-CEO & Founder

Lee Brighton named in B.C.'s Most Influential Women 2018: Stem Stars leads the strategic direction and partnerships for Virtro.


Anthony McCormick


Global Financial Leader who thrives in challenging environments, leveraging best practices to drive financial and operational efficiency.

Steven Martz

Steven Martz

Creative Director

Steven is a talented Creative Director with strong Project Management skills.  He is a valued team member.

Angie Marin

Angie Marin

UX Researcher for VR /AR apps

Angie research User interaction for VR and AR games.  She investigates user behavior and market demographics.

Ollie Rankin

Ollie Rankin

Head of VR

Ollie explores new technologies, techniques & media, finding ways to engage, inform and entertain people.

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